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What is the difference between abacus and image abacus?

Abacus is a tool, which is very simple and logical system. The image abacus is the virtual picture of the tool in the mind. When a child starts using abacus, he starts with the physical tool and later on the tool forms in the mind as virtual tool.

What are the levels in abacus system?
What are the advantages of image abacus over the traditionally taught arithmetic system? Whether the above two systems are antithesis to each other?

Traditionally taught antithesis systems are performed by the left brain whereas the image abacus systems are performed through the right brain, therefore, resulting in increased speed of calculation. The aforesaid two systems are not antithesis to each other rather they run concurrently.

When should a child start abacus training?

The best age for starting image abacus is between 6 to 12 years. At this stage normally the child's brain is super active and grasping power of brain is at its peak.

What are the advantages of image abacus learning?

Following are the advantages of image abacus learning.

  • It develops children's ability to perform mental calculation.
  • It boosts children's confidence.
  • It provides sense of achievement in the child's proficiency and lead to greater mental capacity.
  • It promotes intuitive thinking.
  • It enhances problem solving capability.
  • It enhances creativity and improve concentration and mental endurance.