ABACUS (Advance)

Course Informations

  • Start DateJan 15, 2017
  • Years Old03 - 05 Years
  • Course Size09 Seats
  • Durations9AM - 3PM
  • Course Staff2 Teachers
  • Course Price$50.00

Students Abacus Training

Abacus is a tool which has a very simple and logical system. It helps the children to develop mental calculation ability to understand the basic number system, visualize close relations between the numbers and numerals and thereby develop children's ability to perform mental calculation, boost children's confidence, provide sense of achievement in the child's proficiency ∓ lead to greater mental capacity, promote intuitive thinking, enhance problem solving capability, enhance creativity and improve concentration and mental endurance.

Human Brain consists of right lobe and left lobe. The left lobe is referred to as digital brain and control reading and writing, calculation and logical thinking, whereas right lobe referred to as analog brain which controls three dimensional sense, artistic cells and creativity. Generally left lobe or brain is utilized to learn languages and hence usually more efficient. Abacus learning trains the right lobe or brain and the right brain once develops then combination of both the brains becomes more effective. Though there are several other methods to develop the right brain but one of them is the calculation with abacus which is quite effective.

It is rather proved that this technique helps the children to nurture the inbuilt power and ability to make use of the same to their optimum level. At younger level the learning process is easier and interesting.

STUDY ABACUS offers following Abacus programme for the children between age group of 6 yrs to 15 yrs.
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